Author Paradise

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By Kim Johnson

Part of the process of writing is keeping up with your craft and reading more than just your genre. My books to-be-read stack grows even with my commitment to read 2-3 novels every 8-10 days. Does this cut into my writing time? Yes. Does this make it more difficult with a full time job and trying to finish my manuscript? Yes. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because to be without having read these incredible books I would not be inspired to write everyday.

Worlds are created and stories are told that take you on a journey that’s fulfilling and inspiring. I’m compelled to read and recommend as many books as I can get my hands on. Following incredible authors on twitter who support their writing community has exposed me to a world of books. Yes there are some who only excessively plug their work, but the ones who are really good and I mean really good, spread the love to other authors.  It’s become a paradise to find hidden gems.

I want to support authors whose writings excites and or inspires me. So now and then I’ll post my -Gotta Get – book recommendations with links to the authors page. I hope you enjoy them too! What do you love about getting recommendations from other authors?


Searching for an Editor

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By Kim Johnson

My mind has exploded! Searching for the right editor to match me is overwhelming. I need someone who can connect with my story. Challenge me to go deeper. Bring out the best author within me. And not crush me with criticism. I need someone who can be supportive of my goal to become a writer.

I was fortunate to have a fellow author I admire recommend me a few editors (She’s awesome and you should really read her book The Scourge by A.G Henley ). Now I have a few query’s out and waiting to connect. I’m close. CAN YOU FEEL IT… CAN YOU FEEL IT… CAN YOU FEEL IT… (Dance Break)

I’m naturally a story teller. My mothers side is African and oral tradition is taken serious in our family. So translating my easy ability to engage and excite people by my oratory skills onto paper is my biggest challenge. And one of the many reasons I have kept my dreams and stories in my head. For fear I couldn’t put on paper. After completing the first draft of my novel I feel a release of shackles that have been holding me back. And hopefully I can find an editor who can move my writing forward and help me with this craft.

The Journey Begins….(Wo)Man up.

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By Kim Johnson
Writing your first novel is like going on a journey without a map. You have a boat, but you didn’t bring the food, the water, or in my case– the wine. Your mind ponders if it’s too big a task. But you’re foolish enough to keep going without direction. You find your way. You pick up the items and skills you need as you go. Forging forward. Maybe even find a few friends who are on the same journey. Learn from each other. Share your mistakes. And by the end of the trip you acquire all the skills you need to make another trip.

My writing began one morning when I was sick of making excuses. Like a trip you’ve been dreaming on going to forever, but you keep saying next year. So many stories have floated through my mind that I’ve let go untouched and uncultured. One early morning over a year ago it was time to make that trip. Time to stop the excuses of suffocating my creativity for fear of what others would say. And one day it clicked. I was going to write a novel and I wasn’t going to stop. Not for anything. Not for embarrassment, those that stifle, and the naysayers who smiled but shake their heads in doubt.
A year later the first draft is done. It’s raw and still needs care- but it’s beautiful, perfect, and all the right components to be something amazing.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you and all the secret writers who haven’t been released yet.