Works in Progress:

THIS IS MY AMERICA / JUST MATTERS, YA Contemporary in revisions at 70,000 words.

MARISOL, YA Psychological Thriller complete at 67,000 words. Dual POV set in San Francisco.

HER ONLY ESCAPE, YA Horror complete at 81,000 words.


Projects percolating in my head:

BLACK MAGIC, YA — Something Witchy!

STARS AND SKY, YA Historical Fantasy — Outlined GRAVES MERCY meets Sojourner Truth

Isabel’s father is murdered returning on a dangerous trip from a Northern safe house. His secret route was ambushed by slave catchers paid to recover escapees, or, for a higher reward, capture and kill vigilante abolitionists. People like Isabel’s father.

Isabel has a secret ability to sense when danger is near, and even kill a man with as much ease as a trained assassin. But when she seeks solace with Samuel, a former slave and her father’s young partner, she learns a darker truth behind her hidden abilities and the family she never knew existed. As a war over human rights unfolds, Isabel must decide if she’ll join the fight or hide her secrets forever.

UNTITLED, YA Contemporary

COMPS: ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT’S ME, MARGARET meets Antwone Fisher  (I’m wild I know!)

Foster teen goes on a cross country bus trip, using her and her mother’s journal, to check off her list of people to make amends with. Last on her list is to meet her real family. She’s convinced if she completes this task, she’ll hear God again. A fellow bus passenger joins her on her journey, helping unlock painful memories and bring not only closure… but love.

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