Month: August 2016


YA interrobang recently did an article on the importance of own voices when a hashtag went viral with #yawithsoul. Check out the article and some of my tweets below.

#YAwithSoul and the enduring struggle for inclusion



There was nothing more twitter fulfilling then the night Justina Ireland’s concept of how YA would be so different with a little bit of soul. I immediately jumped in to join the tweet fest because I’ve had a piece of my writing struggle to conform to the current cannon and structure of YA. Since then, I’ve felt a lifting in my writing that has connected my story closer and closer to #ownvoices in two projects I’d been struggling with. So with each tweet there was this inside connection I got with so many authors who think and laugh at the same things.  Here were some of my favorite tweets I did, and a more thorough and detailed story by YAinnterobang that discusses #YAwithsoul (and includes one of my tweets).




For the article with more interviews and details on the importance of #YAwithsoul check out: