Author Paradise

Creative Commons License

By Kim Johnson

Part of the process of writing is keeping up with your craft and reading more than just your genre. My books to-be-read stack grows even with my commitment to read 2-3 novels every 8-10 days. Does this cut into my writing time? Yes. Does this make it more difficult with a full time job and trying to finish my manuscript? Yes. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because to be without having read these incredible books I would not be inspired to write everyday.

Worlds are created and stories are told that take you on a journey that’s fulfilling and inspiring. I’m compelled to read and recommend as many books as I can get my hands on. Following incredible authors on twitter who support their writing community has exposed me to a world of books. Yes there are some who only excessively plug their work, but the ones who are really good and I mean really good, spread the love to other authors.  It’s become a paradise to find hidden gems.

I want to support authors whose writings excites and or inspires me. So now and then I’ll post my -Gotta Get – book recommendations with links to the authors page. I hope you enjoy them too! What do you love about getting recommendations from other authors?


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