Month: February 2013

Searching for an Editor

Photo Creative Commons License

By Kim Johnson

My mind has exploded! Searching for the right editor to match me is overwhelming. I need someone who can connect with my story. Challenge me to go deeper. Bring out the best author within me. And not crush me with criticism. I need someone who can be supportive of my goal to become a writer.

I was fortunate to have a fellow author I admire recommend me a few editors (She’s awesome and you should really read her book The Scourge by A.G Henley ). Now I have a few query’s out and waiting to connect. I’m close. CAN YOU FEEL IT… CAN YOU FEEL IT… CAN YOU FEEL IT… (Dance Break)

I’m naturally a story teller. My mothers side is African and oral tradition is taken serious in our family. So translating my easy ability to engage and excite people by my oratory skills onto paper is my biggest challenge. And one of the many reasons I have kept my dreams and stories in my head. For fear I couldn’t put on paper. After completing the first draft of my novel I feel a release of shackles that have been holding me back. And hopefully I can find an editor who can move my writing forward and help me with this craft.